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About EdmodoCon

EdmodoCon is a live online global event where educators from around the world connect with each other to share how they’re using Edmodo and other digital tools to personalize learning. The educational professional development event of the year, EdmodoCon will help you collaborate with other teachers, discover valuable new resources, and inspire you to harness the power of edtech in your classroom.

“#EdmodoCon2015 Learning so much from educators across the country and across the globe. Cannot wait to try new things this school year.”
“Thanks to all involved in #edmodocon2015 what an inspiring morning of PD, am looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow and flipping.”
“@edmodo @MrChoins A great presentation from one alg teacher to another!TY for the inpiration! #edmodocon2015 #EdmodoCon #edtsparks.”


Day 1: Opening Keynote

Karen Cator

President and CEO of Digital Promise

Karen Cator is President and CEO of Digital Promise and a leading voice for transforming American education through technology, innovation and research. From 2009-2013, Karen was Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, where she led the development of the 2010 National Education Technology Plan and focused the Office’s efforts on teacher and leader support. Prior to joining the department, Cator directed Apple’s leadership and advocacy efforts in education. Cator holds a master’s in school administration from the University of Oregon, and a bachelor’s in early childhood education from Springfield College.

Vibhu Mittal

CEO of Edmodo

Ved Sinha

VP of Product, Edmodo

EdmodoCon Hosts

Vivienne Pustell, Niccolina Clements, and Alberto Solis

Day 1: Closing Keynote

Kazuya Takahashi

English Teacher and Global Teacher Prize 2016 Finalist

Torn between whether to teach or undertake a PhD, Kazuya eventually studied in the US for a postgraduate qualification in learning science before returning to Japan. Using what he had learned along with LEGO-based instruction, he developed a program to harness students’ creativity.

Kazuya believes there should be no distinction between learning that takes place inside and outside of school. He encourages his students to be creative and independent and is pleased that so many of them have made positive choices following graduation, often opting to continue with their studies in a country where it is common to follow a more conventional career route.

Day 2: Opening Keynote

Elisa Guerra

Teacher and Top 50 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize in 2015 and 2016

Elisa Guerra is a Teacher from Mexico. She received the ALAS-IDB Award 2015 as Best Educator in Latin America, and was a Top 50 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize in 2015 and 2016. She founded a school, “Colegio Valle de Filadelfia”, which model has been franchised: there are now seven schools operating in México, and two more internationally: Costa Rica and Brazil. She has authored a dozen textbooks published by Pearson Education. Elisa is also an online course instructor, with almost 2000 students from 53 countries. She has presented live lectures and workshops for teachers both in English and Spanish all over Latin America, and also in Europe and Middle East.


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Tuesday, August 2

7:00 AM Opening Remarks
7:20 AM Opening Keynote: Closing the Digital Learning Gap
7:55 AM Break
8:00 AM Learning Together
8:45 AM Live Feed: Facilitating Audience Engagement during Debate
9:30 AM Break
9:45 AM Personalising Learning through Project Based Approaches and Redesigning the Traditional Role of the Teacher
10:30 AM Edmodofied Data Driven Instruction
11:15 AM Break
11:30 AM The Perfect Tool: Large-Scale Decision Making and Edmodo
12:15 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Using Edmodo to Develop a Professional Learning Environment for Teachers
1:45 PM Panel - Supporting The Whole Student
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM The @CTIVATED Classroom
3:30 PM Closing Keynote: Edmodo: Power to the Students

Opening Keynote: Closing the Digital Learning Gap

7:20 AM – 7:55 AM
Karen Cator, President and CEO of Digital Promise

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1437/EdmodoCon-2016-Closing-The-Digital-Learning-Gap

Across the country there are pockets of excellence in teaching and learning, and yet, huge gaps exist between learning outcomes and college readiness based on class, neighborhood, and available resources in the schools they attend. In this keynote, Karen will share her perspective on technology in learning, including the Digital Learning Gap. Karen Cator is president and CEO of Digital Promise, a nonprofit working at the intersection of education leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs to improve learning with the power of technology.

Learning Together

8:00 AM – 8:45 AM
Marjorie Miller, K-5 Gifted Teacher
Iwona Kowalik, Teacher

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1389/EdmodoCon-2016-Learning-Together

Ms. Miller and Ms. Kowalik are Global Classroom partners. They come up with projects for students to create and share, including class videos, city presentations, holiday traditions, learning languages, Skyping, and much more. It has impacted students in a powerful way. Learning together, even though we both speak different languages, has been incredible.

Live Feed: Facilitating Audience Engagement during Debate

8:45 AM – 9:30 AM
Wendy Dowler, English Teacher and Technology Coordinator
Jennifer Kindred, Teacher

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1391/EdmodoCon-2016-Audience-Engagement-During-Debate

Teachers will learn how to: use Edmodo as a live feed during debates to increase audience engagement during a traditionally one way “sage on a stage” project, use Edmodo groups for collaborative workspaces between classes even in different subjects, take a “traditional” project and use the dynamic processes that Edmodo offers to increase student engagement.

Personalising Learning through Project Based Approaches and Redesigning the Traditional Role of the Teacher

9:45 AM – 10:30 AM
Stephanie Ward, Secondary English and Drama Teacher

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1393/EdmodoCon-2016-Personalising-Learning-With-PBL

Learn how project based learning approaches can lead to deep learning and how it can maintain and increase academic rigour through student choice and engagement using a model with rigorous objectives and outcomes that maintains a balance between student choice and ability to assess metacognitive skill development.

Edmodofied Data Driven Instruction

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM
Alejandra Guzman, Secondary Science Strategist

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1395/EdmodoCon-2016-Data-Driven-Instruction

Get data and instantly change teaching as needed! Use polls and quizzes in order to reteach and provide remediation stations to students, hold students accountable for their learning as they track and monitor their progress, and make students into data analyzers so they are familiar with their own strengths and weaknesses and can take charge of their learning.

The Perfect Tool: Large-Scale Decision Making and Edmodo

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Michelle Tripp, Secondary ELA Coordinator

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1397/EdmodoCon-2016-Large-Scale-Decisions-With-Edmodo

When our district needed to adopt new curriculum, we took an inquiry-based approach. This required intensive research, data analysis, and evaluation. We used Edmodo to extend our conversation beyond meetings. This allowed us to spend less time out of our classrooms while engaging in powerful collegial conversations to impact teaching and learning.

Using Edmodo to Develop a Professional Learning Environment for Teachers

1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Rashenah Walker, Curriculum Coordinator

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1399/EdmodoCon-2016-Professional-Learning-For-Teachers

Professional development can use flipped learning, watching videos to complete case studies on a class, teaching strategies, student performance, teacher interaction, etc. In addition to scheduled PD sessions, Edmodo encourages teachers to join communities, make connections with other teachers, and use Edmodo Spotlight to find resources and ideas for their class.

Panel - Supporting The Whole Student

1:45 PM – 2:30 PM
Kathleen Dunne, School Counselor and GSA Advisory
Chassie Selouane, Teacher
Scott Meile, English Teacher
Fredy Alexander Duque Sánchez, Tech Specialist

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1401/EdmodoCon-2016-Supporting-The-Whole-Student

This panel includes short presentations from speakers on how they use Edmodo to meet the unique needs of their students for more than just academics—building community, supporting a school Gay-Straight Alliance, reaching out to students who struggle to get to school, and encouraging gratitude. Teachers in conversation with teachers, about caring for students!

The @CTIVATED Classroom

2:45 PM – 3:30 PM
Craig Blewett, Senior Lecturer

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1403/EdmodoCon-2016-The-CTIVATED-Classroom

We are returning to learning by conversation. It’s not a route that is always easy for teachers, because it is counter to structured ways - yet in it lies exciting opportunities if we change our paradigm and approach. Equipped with an easy to implement model, and a modern learning environment, it’s possible to effectively integrate technology into the classroom.

Closing Keynote: Edmodo: Power to the Students

3:30 PM – 4:15 PM
Kazuya Takahashi, English Teacher and Global Teacher Prize 2016 Finalist

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1435/EdmodoCon-2016-Power-To-The-Students-With-Edmodo

Japanese students have a strong tradition of learning by rote. After school, they go to “juku” a private cram school hoping to increase their chances of getting into a good university and eventually landing a high-paying job. However, the collapse of classroom discipline became a major problem in the 90s. Since then Japanese education policy makers have gradually realized the importance of collaborative and creative work skills. Especially, educators started recognizing the power of ICT to improve students’ social skills. In this context, Edmodo can be a Messiah to endow Japanese students with the power to be creative and independent learners.

Wednesday, August 3

8:00 AM Opening Keynote: Global Learning in the Age of Neuroscience
8:45 AM Break
9:00 AM A Flipped Classroom Pedagogy with Edmodo
9:45 AM Humanizing the World
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Edmodo: A New Way to Do Research
11:30 AM Edmodo as a Professional Development Tool

Opening Keynote: Global Learning in the Age of Neuroscience

8:00 AM – 8:45 AM
Elisa Guerra, Teacher and Top 50 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize in 2015 and 2016

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1441/EdmodoCon-2016-Aprendizaje-Global-En-La-Era-De-Neurociencia

These are exciting times for education: Not only Neuroscience has showed us our student's great potential, but also, thanks to technology, now the whole world is our classroom. How can teachers take advantage of scientific discoveries to help their students reach their fullest potential? How can they use technology to further develop them as global citizens?

A Flipped Classroom Pedagogy with Edmodo

9:00 AM – 9:45 AM
Carolina Mariño Aguirre, French Teacher and Cofounder of OnParle.net

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1405/Edmodocon-2016-Pedagog-a-invertida-con-Edmodo

With Edmodo and innovative flipped learning strategies, distance learning can be a success. Interactions that take place beyond the walls of the classroom not only enrich student learning, but also fortify bonds amongst students. Edmodo can be used to make classes more dynamic, and to provide students with tools that will keep them ever motivated.

Humanizing the World

9:45 AM – 10:30 AM
Rafael Villaseñor, Psychology Teacher

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1411/Edmodocon-2016-Humanizando-al-mundo

Internationalization is a topic of study that can be viewed from various academic perspectives. This presentation will highlight a project between Mexican and Canadian students that demonstrates the benefits of focusing on social themes, such as addiction and youths decision making processes. As educators, we can use Edmodo to motivate our students to reach beyond their personal bubble.

Edmodo: A New Way to Do Research

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM
María Elena Del Valle Mejía, Humanities Professor

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1409/Edmodocon-2016-Una-nueva-manera-de-hacer-investigaci-n

María Elena has not only used Edmodo to lead her university courses, but has also discovered the enormous potential Edmodo offers for intercollegiate research projects in universities across the world. She will share how throughout this collaborative process Edmodo has become the main space to exchange knowledge, and unique experiences for all research participants.

Edmodo as a Professional Development Tool

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Alejandro Ernesto García Velasco, Math Teacher

Follow the Edmodo Topic: https://www.edmodo.com/topics/1407/Edmodocon-2016-Desarrollo-Profesional-con-Edmodo

Alejandro has led a variety of PD courses outside of the traditional classroom setting including sessions around teacher evaluation, olympic trainings, and the use of Edmodo. He will share how PD courses can be structured based on content, and how to integrate them into Edmodo - a cost-effective solution that simplifies the process thanks to the various resources it provides.

The Edmodies recognize those who use Edmodo in extraordinary ways. The nomination period is now closed and we’re hard at work, reading each and every inspiring submission.


Finalists will be announced during the EdmodoCon opening keynote on Tuesday, August 2. Tune in to see who wins for:

Global Awareness

A teacher who uses Edmodo to enhance student understanding of global issues.

Edmodo Innovator

A teacher or school that uses Edmodo in a unique or unexpected way.

Learning Progress

A school or district that achieved a significant increase in student growth through the use of Edmodo.

Can’t wait to get some inspiration of your own? Join the EdmodoCon Topic today and connect with our global community of educators.

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